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What is handmade jewelry called?

What is handmade jewelry called?

Jewelry has long been part of human culture. From ancient civilizations to present-day societies, people have worn it as an expression of individualism and style. While mass-produced ornaments may be easily available to most consumers, handmade pieces hold special places in many hearts - this guide aims to explore What is handmade jewelry called. While discussing what their advantages are over mass-produced counterparts.

What Is Handcrafted Jewelry Called?

What is handmade jewelry called? - As its name suggests, is created by skilled artisans using traditional tools and their hands to craft unique pieces. Depending on their cultural or geographical origins, artisans who craft them often go by various names that describe their skillset; some examples would include:

  • Jewellers: These are individuals who specialize in designing and crafting jewelry pieces using various techniques and materials, such as handcrafting unique pieces. 
  • Silversmiths: They are skilled artisans who specialize in working with silver to craft beautiful jewel designs using traditional techniques such as forging, soldering, and engraving.
  • Goldsmith: They work similarly to silversmiths by creating jewels made out of precious metals such as gold. These artisans possess extensive skills in manipulating metal into intricate designs made entirely of precious gold. 
  • Lapidary: These are skilled artisans specializing in cutting, shaping, and polishing gemstones to produce customized ornaments with their artistic talents. 
  • Artisan Jewelry Maker: This term encompasses jewelry designers who create pieces using metals, gemstones, and nontraditional materials like resin clay wood.
  • Custom jewelry designers: They work closely with clients to craft pieces tailored specifically to meet the preferences and needs of individual clients, using traditional handcrafting methods.

Are Handcrafted Jewelry Better Options?

Now that we understand what handmade jewelry entails, the question is, “Is handmade jewelry better?” - whether it is superior to mass-produced. Again, this answer depends on your perspective and priorities; here are a few considerations:

1. Individualism and Distinctness 

  • Handmade jewels are revered for its individuality and unique qualities. When wearing, not only are you accessorizing with artful pieces crafted by skilled artisans - you are wearing pieces that showcase their creativity and skill as pieces of wearable art! 
  • Mass-produced ornaments on the other hand is produced in large numbers using molds and machines; though beautiful, handmade pieces possess greater character.

2. Quality and Craftsmanship

  • Handcrafted ones has long been revered for its craftsmanship and high standards of quality. Artisans take great pride in their work, paying careful attention to every detail while using premium-grade materials for maximum longevity.
  • The other one’s quality may differ depending on its maker. While some mass-produced pieces may feature carefully handcrafted details, others may prioritize cost-cutting over craftsmanship leading to less durable or lower-grade pieces.

3. Customization and Personalization

  • Handcrafted ornaments offers unparalleled opportunities for customization and personalization. Artisans work closely with customers to craft pieces tailored precisely to their preferences.
  • Mass-produced pieces may appeal to a broader market, making it harder for you to find pieces that truly speak to you.

4. Ethical and Sustainable Practices

  • Handcrafting artisans often prioritize ethical and sustainable practices when producing their goods, such as using ethically sourced materials, supporting fair labor standards, or employing eco-friendly production processes.
  • While the other ones often receives harsh criticism for its environmental and ethical implications, since it involves questionable labor practices that result in resource depletion.

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